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why hummingbird?

According to Native American folklore, the hummingbird is the symbol of joy…going from flower to flower extracting sweet nectar from each. They say their message for us is to enjoy our journey in life, finding something sweet all along the way. Legend also says they carry our hopes for love, joy and celebration.

Now if you’re not into legend and folklore, even according to current-day scientists, the hummingbird is pretty amazing. They conclude hummingbirds defy all logic. They don’t know how such a small bird can store up enough energy to fly up to 2,500 miles each way, migrating twice a year…and get to where they are going so quickly. The hummingbird is also the most skillful flyer of all birds; the only bird that can fly in all directions—up, down, forward, sideways and backwards. So even in modern day, they are a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible!

So how does the hummingbird do it all? It relies on its innate wisdom and internal resources to get it to where its going…and that is what hypnosis is really all about…  discovering and utilizing your own inner resources to get you places you want to go in life.  So, hypnosis is a little like the hummingbird. It gets you to where you want to go quickly, safely and effectively, often defying logic. And, because it’s Hummingbird Hypnosis, we can also show you how to navigate along life’s journey more joyfully…creating joyful change!

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Norine Passero Rochester, NY hypnosis NLP NeuroLinguistic Programming
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